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AirMemo is a simple and intuitive app for creating and exchanging reminders. If you love using post-its or writing cards to stick to the fridge, you will also love AirMemo.

You can add new reminders to your list in a snap, but AirMemo is even more fun and useful when you use it alongside others.

In fact, AirMemo allows you to send a reminder to someone with a link via a message, AirDrop, or your favorite social network. You can share AirMemo links wherever you want.

AirMemo links are fast and versatile: Imagine you want to remind your family about an uncle's birthday, just send a link on a Whatsapp group to make sure that everyone receives a notification on his birthday.

To always keep track of your reminders, AirMemo also has beautiful widgets that allow you to select the Reminders you want to keep on your Home screen.

AirMemo does not require an account. You don't need to do tedious configurations to start exchanging reminders with someone, just send a link and AirMemo will do the rest for you.

If you find a bug or need support you can write to me at